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Here at the Dog Run, Zen Belly welcomes you to post pictures of your canine family members.

We especially love to see all the furry canine friends enjoying the homemade cookie and confections.

As well love hearing from you on the cookies and comfections so please send us your comments.



“"LOVE the cookies - whole presentation was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really impressed:-) Love the Ruby Shoes and the Black and White cookies especially."”
—Dr. Alison Abramson Hasson VMD ParkEast Animal Hospital

“Thank you so much for all of the support you’ve given to PAWS Chicago, and our furry friends in general! I had a chance to look at – what an absolutely adorable concept! I love your picture of Mabel, the “Chief Tasting Officer.” ”
—Maryjane Jarvis PAWS Chicago

“Thank you for the Dog treats, everything is so well put together and the cookies are well recieved by my clients and their canines - Congradulations and good luck!”
—Stacy A.- Canine Behavior Specialist - NYC

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“Dear Zen Belly, Thank you for the cookies!!!! I think I'm an addict! I love them and the cute little note they came with. Mommy is going to share a couple with my Aunt Debbie (AKA Dr. Doolittle @ Old MacDonalds farm (the neighbor next door, who takes such good care of me when mommy's not home and she has 3 dogs so we are going to share your website with her). Thanks Again! Hugs and Belly Rubs! Coco”
—Coco - NJ

“LOVE the whole concept!!! Sadie loves the carrot hydrants and Carobones especially!”
—Sadie and Jenny - CA.

“I love your site and Billie my Bulldog LOVES the Rainbow Confections. He cannot get enough of them!!!! Thank you.”
—Wendy - Cherry Hill, NJ

“The cookies are a big hit at my house. Cassie and Noel love them and I think they are so cute. Great job we will be back for sure.”
—Marion C - Hazlet, NJ

“Heffer my Boston Terrier smiles (literally) at the site of the Carrot Hydrants it is really funny she lights right up!”
—Lorrie L - Howell, NJ

“McCoy – Loves his Sweet Potato Basketball after a run in the park ”
—Greg Stephen, NYC

“Pearl the Bulldog - sit in anticipation when she sees Zen Belly Cookies. Pearls review Snarf Down/Inhalation Scale (0-100) >carobone: 100 >cinimini: 95 >carrot hydrant: 90 Pearl is one happy girl!”
—Donald - NYC

“I am a Dog walker and my Anatolian Shepard Adela and all her friends love Zen Belly’s Cookies and Confections – I always use them when I am walking the Dogs.”
—Giorgio, West Village, NY

“These cookies are AMAZING!!!! ”
—Paula Rice, Long Island, NY

“Kilo sat patiently staring until I gave him the Carrot Hydrant cookie and he ran to hide and eat in peace he loves them.”
—Greg Stephen, NYC

“Noodles is very finicky but the minute he sees Zen Belly’s Black & White’s he spins – he really does! ”
—Joe Marino, Queens, NY

“Rondo loves a good basketball cookie when we sit and watch the game together.”
—Cesar & Rondo, NYC

“My English Bulldog delights in Zen Belly’s amazing cookies! We love them, thank you!”
—Sarah Stone, New Hampshire

“We’ve used Zen Belly's cookies to help train our new puppy, and it’s working!”
—John McNash, New York

“Mikey my Boxer is a big fan of the Black and White Confections. The way she eats them so quickly (not typical) I am almost tempted to try one myself.”
—Nancy - Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

“Hello Zen Belly - love your site it is FANTASTIC - I especially love your Chief Tasting Officer as well the Rainbow Confections are a big hit in my household. Lots of luck!!!”
—Christina NYC

“These Cookies are Gorgeous and Joey my Jack Russell loves them! Thanks Zen Belly for beautiful healthy snacks!”
—Rebecca - Boston, Mass

“Zen Belly, Your snacks are BRILLIANT and I love the information your provide on your blog. VERY HELPFUL!”
—Patricia - Atlantic City, NJ

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