Zen Belly Canine Cookies and Confections is a shop of
uniquely delicious natural, organic dog snacks.

If you read our ingredients they probably sound familiar. That's because they are the same quality you would feed to your own family. So, why should your canine companions be an exception?

Each ingredient in our recipes are thoughtfully chosen for their nutritional benefits, providing just what your pets need for a happier, healthier, longer life. All of our formulas are free from meat by-products, animal fats, corn, soy and wheat as well as there are NO artificial dyes, NO artificial flavorings and NO artificial preservatives.

OH!!! One more thing! Once you have a look at our cookie and confections I know you human guardians will be hard pressed to taste these delectable treats as they all look familiar as confections you yourself enjoy! Now with Zen Belly's Canine Cookies and Confections you can share your guilty pleasures with the one who brings you pleasure and joy!

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Dictionary of Ingredients

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Check out our ingredients and benefits page as a guide to what is good for your dog!