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Pets and Vets

November 11th is a time to celebrate the men and women who have bravely put their lives on the line to defend our country. Sadly, for many members of our armed forces, coming home is the start of a whole new battle.

More and more organizations have stepped up to help these veterans on the road to recovery and meet the growing need for guide dogs and many other special need service animals.

Freedom Service Dogs, Pets for Vets and Pets 2 Vets are some of these wonderful organizations. What makes them so commendable aside from helping our service men and women they also provide a new start for many shelter animals that in many cases would otherwise be euthanized.

Studies have shown that companion animals make you happier and healthier. After just 30 minutes with a dog or cat owners feel less anxious and stressed. One of the many ways pets improve the lives of returning soldiers is by keeping them connected and involved in social settings. The ultimate goal of these programs is to provide a second chance for our veterans and a permanent loving home for our furry friends, giving them a second chance as well.

This is a worthy cause and one that deserves recognition!
You can find them at the following web sites
Freedom Service Dogs:
Pets For Vets:
Pets 2 Vets:

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