Meet Rascal: Zen Belly Friend of the Month March

Rascal is a 2 year old miniature Schnauzer who resides in Queens, NY with his dad Neil. The perfect name for this little guy, Rascal truly is a pro at finding his way to mischief! As quick as you can turn your head is about as fast as he can find something to get into. He is certainly a handful and runs on endless amounts of energy.

Being the only pet in the house, Rascal is always eager to go out for long walks or rides in the car. He absolutely loves interacting with the neighborhood pets and people. You may want to get your greeting in quickly as he is always on the lookout for bigger action!

Even though he is just a young boy, Rascal has already shown his impressive skills in climbing on all types of high objects and balancing on the smallest of surfaces. He also has a knack for swimming. He has a fearless nature and is always ready to perform for applause and treats. His love for all things edible and sometimes not so edible has Neil carrying around treats in his pocket on every outing to prevent him from sampling the latest pine cone. With an allotment of 3 per outing Rascal is keen to know when the treats are coming and this has kept his attention on Dads pocket and not the sidewalk treasures. He is certainly easy to please in this area so the only preference he seems to have with Zen Belly is the size, minis of course.

Rascal can be found taking in the views of the front window when he’s not out on errands with Dad. Soaking up the sun and keeping up on all the local goings on is what he loves to do while spending time inside.

His true love however is being outside roaming the neighborhood for activity and a few of his favorite pals. Neil has made a routine out of bringing Rascal to the local park every afternoon at the same time so he can play with the other dogs that are also there looking for some adventure. This has been a terrific way for Neil to spend some of that incredible energy that Rascal has. Now by the days end instead of running through the house with a toy, he is ready to settle down on the couch with Dad to watch some TV before going off to bed. Rascal truly is an amazing little lightning bolt with alot of love. He is quick to steal your heart and eager to do so.

Zen Belly is so thrilled to have Rascal as one of our special friends!

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