Hunter is the 1 ½ year old furry member of the Coats family. This young Bullmastiff is a big boy, weighing in currently at 130lbs and still growing! That’s bigger than mom Trisha and he hasn’t even reached 2 yet! Despite his big size he is very much the baby of the family, so much so that Hunter is referred to as their child!

Hunter loves the water and flopping around in the lake is a favorite past time, insuring everyone around him gets wet! Messes are one of Hunter’s specialties but with a face like that how can you react any other way than “awww”!

As much as he loves his water sports, Hunter has a gentle, introspective side as well. You can often find him exploring the yard, stopping to sniff every blade of grass and taking in all of what nature has to offer. Calling Florida home couldn’t be more fitting for this guy to take full advantage of his love of natural environments. This big boy certainly has adapted seamlessly from his birthplace in Lonely Creek, Arkansas!

Not long after Hunter settled in as part of the family, the Coats found he had some food allergies. After several trips to the Vet and what seemed like an endless trial and error, they finally found a brand that Hunter was able to enjoy and more importantly did not irritate his sensitive stomach. Anyone who has dealt with this problem knows it can be costly and certainly even more frustrating to see your pet suffer.  Knowing these issues Hunter faced, a thoughtful “Auntie” while on holiday in New York came across Zen Belly while shopping at Dylan’s Candy Bar. When she saw the ingredients, or should we say lack of them, she was excited to bring them back for Hunter to try. To their surprise not only did he flip for them but they did not inflame any allergy issues.

We were so pleased to hear this we sent Hunter a special gift assortment so he would have a chance to pick a favorite. To date he still hasn’t decided so we will just have to take that as the ultimate compliment!

Thankfully, all the hard work and patience has paid off and Hunter is happy and healthy. Mom Trisha has told us that Hunter goes everywhere with them because they just can’t bear to be away from him! He brings so much joy into their lives their primary goal is to give just as much back. Boy, we hear that a lot and we can relate!

Hunter means the world to the Coats family and we have to say we are big fans as well! We are so happy to have him as a Zen Belly friend. Hunter is a big lovable boy with such a big heart it just didn’t seem fair not to share him with all of you!

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