Meet McCoy Zen Belly Friend of the Month – October

McCoy is the 4 1/2 year old Black Labrador Retriever of Greg Stephen. This happy young guy has the idea that everyone exists on the planet to play with him. He loves the outdoors and spends as much time as he can exploring new territories. He leads a very active lifestyle; swimming, retrieving balls and rescuing lost toys.

His very calm, friendly demeanor is what attracted McCoy into the work force. Yes, McCoy is a certified Therapy Dog! Just when you think this guy can’t get any better we find out he volunteers his time accompanying his dad Greg to hospitals to greet the residents. McCoy has made so many friends as a Therapy Dog and has created even more smiles and laughter!

Looking at his beautiful pictures, one would struggle not to think they were lifted straight from a Field & Stream Magazine shoot!

After a long day at play McCoy looks forward to his bedtime snack but before he retires for the evening he makes the rounds giving everyone their goodnight kiss. What a thoughtful young guy! We think that is really sweet!

McCoy’s active lifestyle keeps him healthy and fit but he’s also conscious of his diet (well, his dad is really) so the Zen Belly Sweet Potato Rawhides and Carrot Hydrants are on the top of his list, however, every so often he can’t resist indulging in carob covered Black & Whites!

We are so honored to have McCoy as a Zen Belly friend. He is a wonderful dog who brings joy to everyone he meets. For those who are fortunate enough to know McCoy, you would be hard pressed to find one whose heart he has not touched, and with the time he spends volunteering, we can assure you that every place he visits is a lot more cheerful when he leaves than it was before he arrived.

McCoy is an amazing dog with a big heart who loves people. His family is so proud of their little furry gentleman, especially dad, Greg. We are all fawning over Mr. McCoy here at Zen Belly! He really is the total package!

We knew he was just too lovable to keep to ourselves so we wanted to share McCoy and his impressive story with all our Zen Belly family. We know you will agree he is a perfect fit for the Zen Belly friend of the month!

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