With the economy being a bit tough to manage at times, many people are always looking for ways to cut costs. There is nothing wrong with trying to budget in order to provide long term for your family.

One of the things that was discussed in the local dog park recently was the “few” amenities that have been given up by a few and some that they had decided to try to take on themselves. The one that stuck out the most was Grooming. Especially in NYC, most things are more expensive than surrounding areas so it can be difficult to find the “sanity” in plunking down that much for your dog’s “day at the salon”.

Some breeds, if you have the wherewithal to do the job by all means give it your best shot!I do think it will give you a new appreciation for what these licensed professionals do at the very least! Other breeds with thicker fur , “double coats” or have a specific cut may look easy but I assure you it is not as simple as it seems!

We had a few good laughs over some of the attempts and for some, the best thing we could  say was “Don’t worry it grows back”…and it does. If you are an easy going person that won’t be derailed when it’s not perfection, well then give it a try but be ready for a challenge. My goal here was to just give you a different perspective on why the “grooming” is in many cases more costly than your own salon visits. While that might seem ridiculous to you, maybe you never stopped to think about the vast differences.

For one, you sit still in a chair and communicate! You are a willing participant and many dogs are not. Your cut revolves ONLY around the hair on your head. It does not include a mani/ pedi, a sanitary trim or ear cleaning. All of those are done on hair that has not been washed every other day but rather more like 4-8 weeks! The likelihood of having an aggressive moment or an “accident” for you while your in the salon is pretty slim… (we hope!).

Our main objective is to encourage everyone to just maintain their dogs. It is essential to there well being and health. Whatever it takes we hope you find the right balance to fit your needs.

We just wanted  to show our appreciation for the professionals that do a fantastic job for our furry friends and wanted to share with you a different insight to what most of us overlook when it comes to the task they  face.

While we have seen our share of  “You can’t be serious!” pricing, there are plenty of great dog groomers out there that are fair. Maybe now it won’t seem so unreasonable.

Whatever your preference or abilities, just keep in mind that a maintained dog significantly reduces easily preventable health issues, so one less trip to the Vet is a saving in itself!

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