Meet Roma, our Zen Belly Friend of the Month!

Roma is the 7lb Morkie baby of Ken Wolf and Jennifer Pierro. These true New York Artists have raised quite the little world traveler! One of her favorite places to retreat with her family is Italy, where she enjoys hiking in the Italian Alps and sampling the local pizza crusts. We are told she is quite the connoisseur too!

At 3 years old, Roma is already debuting in her first play “Dad and the Dog” this November at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre on 42st in New York City. This talented little girl is quite grounded with a heart of gold despite her princess treatment. Described as both sweet and spicy, she gives love and brings joy to every one she meets!

With a full calendar, Roma on her down time, truly cherishes time biking around the city with Dad, Ken.

We have been told that her favorite of the Zen Belly collection is the Mini Carrot Hydrants and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Roma is a true New York original! She embodies all the character of our beloved city…Bright, Bold, Creative, Beautiful, Unique, Vibrant and Unforgettable! We are so happy to have her as a part of the Zen Belly family and could not be more honored to have her as a fan, because we are certainly a Big Fan of Miss Roma!

To find out more about Roma’s home away from home you can check out the
Manhattan Repertory Theatre here on Facebook.

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  1. jenni says:

    Roma is beautiful!! She has an impressive little lifestyle! What a joy to read such a positive story about a happy family!

  2. Great Blog. I add this Blog to my bookmarks

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