Zen Belly Friend of the month…. ZACHARY!!


The team here at Zen Belly has been so very fortunate to have gained such loyal fans! We cannot express enough how grateful we are. Zen Belly was started with the best interests of our canine friends in mind and our promise was to always keep that as the number one priority as we grew.

This has been an amazing experience for us. We never imagined how many friends both human and canine we would make along our journey and it has been the wonderful feedback and pictures of new fans enjoying our cookies that keeps us inspired and determined to continue to offer our best combination of unique, healthy, quirky, fresh baked cookies and confections to our human friends for our canine friends! So without further ado, our Zen Belly friend of the month,


This handsome Boston Terrier is the furry sidekick of Andrew Goldberg. Friends of Zen Belly from the very beginning, we are so happy to be a part of helping to celebrate  Zachary’s 14th Birthday on August 14!

This refined gentleman has exquisite tastes and is a dog of few “barks”, as he prefers to get his point across quietly. If he wants to go out, he goes to the door. If dad is not on point, Zachary will tap on the door to get his attention! When he is ready to retire for the evening, he simply excuses himself from the sofa and goes off to bed. Certainly seems obvious to us who runs that home!

As you can see Zachary is very photogenic, he has real regal heir about him which is why we kept finding ourselves dubbing him “Sir Zachary”..we think it’s a perfect fit!

This Silver fox comfortably resides in Oceanside, New York with his Dad, Andrew. He is currently single but always seems to have a full social calendar! Definitely a lover not a fighter, which makes the team here at Zen Belly think we could all learn a lot from him!

We absolutely adore Zachary. We are so honored he is a fan and friend of Zen Belly CanineCookies and Confections! We are certainly a fan of his! We thought this fella was too wonderful to keep to ourselves so we wanted to introduce all of you to “Sir” Zachary as well! We know he will make you smile and impress you as much as he does all of us!

One Response to Zen Belly Friend of the month…. ZACHARY!!

  1. Andy Goldberg says:

    Thank you so much for the above. You have brought “happy” tears at a time where “happy” is so needed. Zachary is quite impressed wtih himself as well!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

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