Summer getaway tips

Weekend getaways are a given throughout the summer months. Packing a bag and jumping into an adventure with your fuzzy pal is second to none!  With weather as warm as what we have been experiencing lately, your destinations are probably water related such as beaches, campsites or lakes.

For the pets that are excited about water activities, by all means enjoy it! Just keep in mind the overexposure to water and sun does have its downsides. The sun of course can overheat your pet so always make sure you have a shady spot and fresh water available to them.  The sun’s rays can be equally damaging to your pet’s skin and eyes and yes, animals can get sunburns! So be mindful of the amount of time you spend out and try to avoid peak hours without protection.  Long hours running on hot sands can also cause sensitivity and/or irritated paw pads. Pebble sands can easily get lodged in between their toes and pads and cause great discomfort so do a quick inspection just to be safe.

Did you know that excessive swimming can dry out your pet’s coat and cause irritation?

Pools that are chemically treated with chlorine can be an irritant to both their eyes and skin after prolonged exposure.

Salt water can remove the natural vital oils and moisture from your pets coat so after a summer you can imagine the toll it takes. Bleached fur, dry coat and itchy skin are a few problems you may encounter.

The best way to tackle this potential problem is to give your pet a thorough rinse at the end of your daily water activities. This will help remove most of the salt/chemicals. Bring along a good shampoo and moisturizer and condition your pet once a week. You don’t want to neglect a dry coat for too long, aside from it being uncomfortable the dry skin when scratched is much more vulnerable to tearing. Once the skin is broken your pet is open to bacteria and infection which can result in a costly trip to the Vet.

Remember beaches come with their own residents. Sand fleas can be an annoyance but a crab or jellyfish is something that packs a bit more punch if you get too close. If your pet is new to the surroundings, chances are his nose is going right in for inspection!  It should only take one time for them to come up with their new friend attached to their face to know not to go back but we much prefer mom and dad keep a good eye on them and hopefully avoid any painful lessons altogether!

Last but not least we would say NEVER leave your pet unattended but we already know to all our friends here that is just inconceivable! So instead we say ENJOY your quality time with your favorite pals and make the summer your playground!

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