Minimizing Holiday Stress On Your Pets

Holidays are a joyous time for many, while for others chaotic and angst ridden. For our pets it’s no different! While we run around trying to find that perfect gift we can very easily get caught up in the madness and can be a little neglectful to our canine pals.

The unfamiliar noises, lights and rush of people coming and going can be very stressful for a pet so it’s important that we take the time to maintain the healthy balance they are used to year round. Nobody knows your dog better than you do so take notice of any signs that the seasons greetings are a bit too overwhelming….
~ Constant barking or howling
~ Chewing or scratching at doors or crates
~ Compulsive licking or biting
~ Excessive salivating
~ Tearing up furniture

An easy way to avoid this is to maintain a normal routine with your dog. Keep the feeding schedule and walking time as close to usual as possible. It’s understandable that with work and shopping you may have a few late nights. If your finding that it’s more than a few you may want to hire a dog walker or ask a neighbor to fill in. Keep in mind they enjoy spending time with you so give that face time! A little extra positive reinforcement with praise and treats goes a long way as well so don’t be stingy with the Zenbellys! After all it is the holiday season and a little indulgence never hurt anyone. Our dogs are a central part of our family and we just want to make the season as enjoyable for them as it is for us and we know you share our sentiments!

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