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The Puppy Party

The wonderful spring breeze gave NYC the perfect Sunday afternoon to host the Zen Belly Puppy Party! The Upper East Side was alive and buzzing and for many people out enjoying the day with their furry companions, Dylan’s Candy Bar on 60th street and 3rd Ave was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. With April being “Animal Prevention Cruelty Month”we had a great time wrapping it up with a celebration in honor of all our furry friends.

Zen Belly Canine Cookies and Confections in collaboration with Dylan’s Candy Bar showed their support on April 29 with the Zen Belly Puppy Party, inviting any and all to attend and we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to everyone who came to show their support and make the day a success.

Appearances by Zen Belly the Dog and Vanilla the Bunny were met with smiles, giggles and a few rambunctious puppies! Awareness Ribbon Cookies were made special for the event to keep the focus present yet still allowing for a fun casual atmosphere along with a variety of signature treats courtesy of Zen Belly Canine Cookies and Confections.

Dylan Lauren and her puppy Jersey also took time out to stop by and indulge in some fun and “dog sweets.” Sabra was certainly a scene stealer as well, brought by mom Lauren Ulstad. What made the event so wonderful was all the new friends we made that day, with and without fur!

We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. If you missed out don’t feel
too bad, just check in for the next planned event or email us at info@zenbellypet.com  and we will keep you informed. We encourage everyone to continue to spread the word on Animal Cruelty Prevention and encourage animal adoption all year round.

We would also like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Dylan’s Candy
Bar and the very helpful staff that without whom the event would have been
possible..Lauren, Katie, Aundre, Will and of course “Vanilla” the bunny.

Last but not least we would like to congratulate Lori Carter for winning the online Zen Belly gift basket. Congratulations to Destiny Burns who won the in store Zen Belly gift raffle. We hope your furry family members enjoy them and thank you so much for offering your support by participating! Come back and visit us again at www.zenbellypet.com

The atmosphere was fun and energetic on Sunday but on any given day you walk into the store the buzz throughout immediately puts a smile on your face. You find yourself fighting the urge to run around like a child unable to contain themselves in this candy wonderland! You can also be sure you can find an assortment of selected Zen Belly canine cookies and confections at Dylan’s Candy Bar flagship store on 60th street and 3rd avenue. So if you have yet to visit, stop by and grab a sweet for you and your furry pal! For a complete selection of the Zen belly line visit us at zenbellypet.com

A fun day indeed!

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  1. red john says:

    the cookies look so good i want to eat some.good luck

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